TEACH SCOILE by the happy tummy co.

This summer the doors of TEACH SCOILE will open to a new and wild world on the Wild Atlantic Way.

TEACH SCOILE is Irish for SCHOOL HOUSE. A name which attempts to describe what it is we will do there.

First and foremost we are food educators, teaching you the science behind the food that we eat and how to optimise food making processes to enable better gut and mental health as well as physical stamina.

Throughout the summer we will be hosting day long and evening workshops in slow bread making for better overall health.

We will be hosting ‘Friends of TEACH SCOILE’ events with serious players in the food space from farmers to millers to scientists to the world of low intervention wine.

Supper clubs will be a strong feature of our summer line-up where we get to showcase food as preventative medicine.

My approach to health has always been one based on prevention over prescription and many life events have intensified this approach into a system I live by.

In managing my gut health, my mental health, female health and physical stamina this “prevention over cure” has become a mainstay to my very existence.

We will be introducing you to bakes that make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to do our courses so that the blends we sell at TEACH SCOILE work best for you.

If you want to lean in on a new approach to life, this is the school for you.

GRÁ MÓR, your baker girl, Karen x

*new July one day courses just launched*