Fermented Prebiotic Food To Stimulate Good Gut Health.
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Gut Healthy Bread on Fire - Bread Fundamentals Two


August Classes 2020

We are re-opening the bakery school in August with the launch of our brand new outdoor kitchen overlooking the South Downs. Cannot wait for you to see it in real life! The picture you see here is the unfinished article a while back! 

Bread Fundamentals Two - Baking for Digestibility & Gut Health with Fire (and an oven).

Throughout this one day course students will learn the basics and the more technical side of baking for increased digestibility and nutritional content.

Class will run from 11am to 5:30pm.

We will cover sprouted, soaked and fermented dough for better gut health and students will leave with their own sourdough starter as well as their fermented and baked loaves.

Not only that but you will also go home with access to online tutorials to some of Karen’s favourite recipes for digestive health and these online tutorials will be yours to keep for life.

Karen will show students how to simply bake bread on fire, teaching you how to adapt your fireplace at home for fire baking during the winter months too.

This class is brilliant for anyone interested in improving their gut health, suffering with an auto-immune disease, seeking more out of their food for increased performance and endurance, suffering with IBS or simply loves the art of bread making and wants to learn more.

This course is not suitable for coeliacs but is definitely worth exploring for those of you who think you’re gluten intolerant. Karen has many students with gluten intolerance who thrive on the bread she develops and teaches.

If you are unsure about whether or not you may have an intolerance to gluten or dairy please do come with an open mind. We ferment our recipes in such a way that we make all our bread very digestible for anyone suffering with a compromised gut and microbiome.

These are 6 person classes. You can come and make up a whole group with your friends and family or come as an individual or couple. Due to the class size and the outdoor space you will be able to stay safe. There is an indoor toilet for you to use but if you’d rather not we encourage wild pees here at the bakery school - all part of living outdoors! :)

Address : Laughton, East Sussex (exact address is sent on booking confirmation)


You can come by car or train. If coming by train Karen will assist you with taxi numbers to collect you from Lewes train station and bring you back there again after class. If you’d rather keep distance then we recommend coming in your own car.

All your meals throughout the day will be provided for and we’ll be sure to cook a lot on the fire. :)

Please touch base with us directly on info@thehappytummyco.com if you'd like to arrange your own private group class. Other than that, see you in the country very soon!

Please do also get in touch with any other queries or concerns at the above email address. Thank you!