The Happy Tummy Loaf

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We bake the happy tummy loaf on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for delivery throughout Ireland and the UK. 

If you sign up for a subscription service you will receive your box on the same day each week to ensure your gut gets into a routine with us. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled anytime.

Developed over an 18 month period by Founder Karen O' Donoghue to completely eradicate her IBS symptoms, this loaf went on to do so for thousands of people throughout the U.K. too. Karen's work found her being named The Gut Health Specialist of the Year and a Judge as part of the World Bread Awards. This loaf has been described as life-changing by happy tummy customers since 2014. We are now proud to be making it in Ireland whilst still sending it around the UK also.

So what is our signature 'happy tummy loaf'?

It's a 2 Day Soaked Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaf containing 16 specifically chosen ingredients.

Our Organic Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaves are handmade at the TEACH in Mayo over a 2-3 day period. A two-phase process is used to allow the grain varieties, nuts and seeds to soak and sprout before bake so that they enter your gut ready to digest and bring you maximum nourishment.

The Chia Teff Loaf is a super functional product to eat to stay in good gut health, whilst enabling muscle recovery and keeping inflammation down around the body. It's a complete meal with either a nut butter or hummus on top.

It's an awesome source of amino acids making it a great post training food. The main ingredient teff oxidises fat in the tummy when being digested, meaning after a couple of weeks on teff, customers notice a huge difference in the shape of their tummies.

It helps eradicate IBS, bloating and issues with slow digestion.

It reduces inflammation in the body. Eaten regularly it helps get rid of back aches and pains in particular.

It's one of the best sources of prebiotic fibre which feed your good gut bacteria allowing them to breed more good bacteria. The more you enable this process the less likely you are to become unwell.

Per slice, there is 10g of fibre and 11g of protein approximately.

Original Chia Teff Loaf

Ingredients: Water, Wholegrain Teff Flour, Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour, Ground Almonds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ground Linseed, Chia Seeds, Flaked Brazil Nuts, Flaked Walnuts, Regeneratively farmed Egg, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Irish Orchard Syrup (0.4%), Achill Sea Salt.

Vegan Chia Teff Loaf

Ingredients: Water, Wholegrain Teff Flour, Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour, Ground Almonds, Ground Linseed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chia Seeds, Flaked Brazil Nuts, Flaked Walnuts, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Irish Orchard Syrup (0.4%), Achill Sea Salt.

*These loaves are made in a bakery that handles wheat and dairy.*

Shelf Life :

2 weeks kept in its paper in the fridge.

7 days wrapped in paper at a stable room temperature.

Frozen for up to 3 months.

An information sheet on how to consume the loaf is included with your first order.

UK Customers

We recommend you go for the box of 4 and freeze 3 on arrival to reduce the cost of delivery per loaf. Freezing your loaf actually increases the prebiotic fibre content.

Important Note

Please allow 2 days - 1 week from order for your box to arrive. All loaves are baked to order and it takes us 3 days to prepare each loaf. We use DPD for deliveries and deliver Tuesday through to Friday. You will receive an email from us confirming your bake day asap so please keep an eye on your spam folder too :) Thank you!