Teff Scone Mix

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Each bag contains one batch of dry mix for PHASE ONE.

Video tutorial here

48 (or 24) Hour Soaked Teff Scone Recipe

Please follow the recipe exactly. Each ingredient, each phase has been specifically designed to help you into better gut health. Leave one of those ingredients or phases out and you're not doing the recipe or your gut justice.

You can make them vegan friendly by following the alternative step below - number 6 (we prefer the un-vegan version though)


PHASE ONE - Mixture one

Dry Organic Ingredients

  1. 130g brown teff flour
  2. 50g gluten-free oat flakes
  3. 50g brown teff grain
  4. 50g chia seeds
  5. 50g ground flax
  6. 5g cinnamon

Wet Organic Ingredients

  1. 10ml maple syrup (non vegans can use organic honey of you prefer it for its prebiotic fibre)
  2. 75ml olive oil
  3. 175ml water

PHASE TWO - Add these ingredients to the bowl in the below order 24 - 48 hours later

  1. 2.5g sea salt
  2. 2.5g bicarb
  3. 5ml apple cider vinegar (the one with the mother)
  4. 2 organic eggs (110g/120g in weight de-shelled) whisked


  1. Mix the dry ingredients together from Phase One.
  2. Make a hole in the middle of the dry blend. Pour or spoon the maple syrup or honey into the hole.
  3. Pour the olive oil over the syrup into the hole. Then pour in the water. Mix everything together really well with a spoon into a compact ball.
  4. Allow the mixture to rest in the bowl at room temperature covered for 24-48 hours. Ideally 48 hours but if your kitchen is very warm then 24 hours will suffice.
  5. When you are ready to bake your dough uncover the bowl and drop the salt and bicarb onto the top of the dough. Then pour the ACV over the bicarb.
  6. Whisk the eggs together in a separate bowl until the white part and the yellow part are fully blended. Then pour the egg over the dough. Mix really well so that the salt, bicarb and eggs are fully blended throughout the dough. (For the vegan version whisk 30g of ground flaxseed with 90g of water and let it to sit for 5 mins before pouring over the wet dough).
  7. Once ready, sprinkle 40g of brown teff grain onto the work surface (per 6 scone dough). Turn the dough out onto the teff grain using your pink spoon or a spatula.
  8. Roll the dough around the teff grain lightly using your hands into a circle. There is no need to knead the dough.
  9. Using a rolling pin lightly roll the dough into a circle 3 inches high.
  10. Cut the circle into six.
  11. Transfer each triangular scone onto a tray covered in baking paper.
  12. Bake at 190 degrees fan for 40 minutes.
  13. Take the scones out of the oven and leave on the tray for 5 minutes.
  14. After 5 minutes you can transfer the scones to wire rack trays to cool.

These scones are just as good after freezing so if you'd like to make a good few batches at a time do! We used to make this dough in 100kg volumes. :) My favourite way to eat these scones is fresh from the oven with lashings of salted butter and an excellent jam with a cup of tea. Apart from that I'll eat them toasted for breakfast with butter and jam and a fresh Ethiopian brew or for lunch with anything from cheddar cheese and tomato relish to smoked fish and sprouts.