“A great big thank you for an enlightening, entertaining and educational tummy talk Karen. Those that transfer science into accessible and usable information and tools for people are the real leaders in medicine.” - NHS Doctor

The School House

On a mission to bring you bread better than medicine. An ethos built around how to use food as both preventative and prescriptive medicine. Through years of scientific research, fermenting and baking for better digestive health, from Ireland to around the world, The Happy Tummy Co. was born out of one woman's desire to relieve people of their digestive health issues. 

Science Class

Kefir Sourdough

This is one of my most favourite sourdoughs of all time. Made using my mate Sam's Ki Kefir from East Sussex it is both deliciously sweet and sour. It leaves the most sensitive of tummies feeling happier. Taught on WEEK 5.

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