Organic Raw Milk & Flax, Heritage Grain Sourdough

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What a mouthful! And it really is.

To celebrate Gleann Buí's raw milk season, we've created a sensationally digestible sourdough for sandwiches. The raw milk brings a moisture content to the bread that allows an extension in shelf life and so you should get 7 days out of this loaf happily. Of course it will toast exceptionally well beyond that, its flavour deepening in flavour as the days run on, similar to a rye bread.

Ingredients (organic)

Gleann Buí Raw Milk, Wholegrain Emmer Flour, Wholegrain Spelt Flour, Wholegrain Leaven, Wholegrain Teff Flour, Wholegrain Population Wheat, Water, Wholegrain Rye Starter, Flaxseed, Oats, Olive Oil, Achill Sea Salt.

Using 90% organic raw milk to hydrate this sourdough brings even more interesting strains of bacteria to the bread beneficial to the health of your microbiome. The more lactic acid bacteria in the bread you eat the more variety in enzymes created and the more enzymatic activity you have the more foods you should be able to tolerate. This loaf is an exciting one for those looking for a more functional bread alternative to the one they currently eat. It acts as a great add-on for those already using the happy tummy loaf to manage digestive health issues but does not work as a replacement. A great lunchtime loaf if you choose your happy tummy loaf for breakfast.

Comes wrapped in breathable paper packaging and a cardboard box. Can be frozen for anything up to 3 months. Freezing this loaf increases its prebiotic fibre content. At least 14 slices per loaf.

We bake these loaves on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We fecking love it!