Peppermint Cacao Ferment

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A powerful cacao ferment for any time of day!

Come in packs of 4 with each ferment weighing 75g approximately.

Each batch of ferments takes 3 days to make. Each ferment is hand rolled.

Ingredients :

70% Peppermint Cacao Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, 70% Cacao Chocolate, Panela Sugar, Wholegrain Einkorn Flour, Regenerative Eggs, Butter, Wholewheat Leaven, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Bicarb.

Allergens :

Wheat, Egg, Milk.

Storage :

Keep in their sealed bag in a cool environment.

Shelf Life

1 week.

Excellent source of - fibre, magnesium, iron, b vitamins, protein and more.