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Trust your inner knowing as hard data.

“Trust your inner knowing as hard data.” - Dr. Lisa Miller.


It sits with you doesn’t it?

I’ve lived a life based on gut instinct and the discomfort it has brought up, time and time again, has sometimes thrown me way off course. 

There is so much to be said for discomfort as part of any journey. So much to credit discomfort with in the end.

Not everyone can appreciate your inner knowing as hard data. It can take years for those around you to trust in it. You too. 

Some of the most significant relationships of my life have weighed their reliance on proof points.

Proving the legitimacy of my own hard data has in a way been my life’s work.

At its most biting, hard data will either stagnate or cut off a friendship before it’s had a chance to share wings.

A lack of trust is the true wrecking ball within the relationships that mean the most. That and perhaps closely followed by an overwhelming amount of expectation.

Imagine your inner knowing as always being hard data. Something you can genuinely extract helpful decisions and ideas from.

Take for example something you are feeling particularly vulnerable about. It’s wearing you down and you’ve got to a point where it’s necessary to voice it openly to a friend. The build up has become unbearable. 

There are two outcomes. 

One. Your friend tries to convince you that you are misreading your feelings because to be quite frank, they hate to see you upset and vulnerable. They believe that in their attempt to quench and soothe away these feelings that you will feel better.

Two. Your friend agrees with you. They love you dearly. They know you well and they hugely respect you. They recognise the need for self protection and self preservation as you grow and that acknowledging these new feelings of vulnerability will reset the memory’s ability to handle this healthily when it comes up again.

In my adult life I have been surrounded by friends who choose option two. Those friends have been crucial to my sanity and self development.

They empathise as they wrangle their own struggles of the heart, mind and physical being.

You always know yourself best. You know how you want to cherish life and how you want life to cherish you.

Here’s where my hard data is at -

Go for everything you want. Don’t hurt people. If people hurt you in the pursuit of trying to reach for everything that might cherish you, take it as a life lesson that will rewire how you function - to not experience the same hurt again as hurt but simply conscious at something having happened.

Enamoured with science, life and love, trusting my inner knowing has become my life compass and once honoured to its fullest, I can take the hurt and feelings of neglect not as regret but as huge steps into a place of total comfort and peace.

I have long been fascinated by the role of our collective mental health in society and how we have the ability to facilitate shared consciousness in a way that betters our community through making better individual food decisions. Our longterm work at TEACH SCOILE engages this idea and infiltrates everything we do here.

I’d imagine, if I had the opportunity to meet the woman behind the words titling this piece, we would indeed bond over our hard data.

Larry Dossey, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Healing Words on Dr Lisa Miller.

“Dr. Miller is a consummate scientist who refuses to accept one of our culture’s most pervasive and damaging assumptions: that science and spirituality are at odds. In The Awakened Brain, Dr. Miller unequivocally shows that spirituality heals. She gives us a clinical, personal, and neuroscientific perspective, and offers a deeply moving account of how our lives expand into greater possibility, joy, and love when we awaken to the shared consciousness we all are capable of perceiving.”


For it is in the sharing of feelings, ideas and love that we truly soar.

Karen x