Teff Grain

Teff Grain

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The most highly sought after grain in the world. It is an absolute privilege to import this into Ireland through our Ethiopian friends at Lovegrass.

For Muscle Development

Teff is a great source of easily digestible protein (holds a cellular structure and protein content similar to egg-whites, but because it is vegetable-based, digestion happens easier).

Provides eight different amino acids that when combined with teff proteins, creates a great blend of nutrients perfect for muscle-building and recovery.

Teff is also a good source of copper which energises the body and helps heal muscles, joints and tissue fibre.

For Your Gut

Teff is life-changing in how it can relieve inflammation, constipation, bloating, cramping and other serious gastrointestinal issues as claimed by people suffering from IBS.

The huge amount of prebiotic fibre contained in teff stimulates the growth of good gut bacteria and supports colon health.

For Immunity

Most grains provide minerals, but the concentration in teff is exceptional with large quantities of essential minerals such magnesium, calcium and zinc being found in it.

An excellent source of B vitamins, teff is also the only known grain or cereal to offer equally significant amounts of Vitamin C.

For circulation

The high levels of iron in teff support your body’s ability to produce haemoglobin which is vital for the oxygenation of your heart and other organs.

The iron content in teff can also help reduce dizziness, potential for cognitive impairment, muscle cramps and headaches.

Due to its high iron content, teff can be beneficial to people suffering from anaemia.