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Mulino Marino make the world's best pasta. Their grains and milling practices are world class. It's an honour to be the only stockist of them in Ireland.

With 9g of fibre per 100g and 14g of protein per 100g Mulino is the only pasta we eat at the TEACH.

Alongside their pasta we are heavy consumers of their beans and lentils. Heirloom varieties of each which favour better gut health. We make our school hummus using a mix of their chickpeas, borlotti and cannellini beans. Their lentils are so versatile we use them in everything, from stews to curries to pasta suppers.

Mulino Marino is one of our most favourite producers in the world. I'm sure they'll make your top 5 list too.

FLOUR in the pasta

A mixture of different varieties of organic durum wheat grown in Sicily, Marche and Oltrepò Pavese with the "live germ" of the grain, ground with natural stone and "La Fertè" hammered by hand.


Bronze drawing, very slow drying, certified organic, made in Gragnano (NA) with spring water from the Lattari Mountains.


The natural stone grinding allows them to obtain the flours in a single step, avoiding as much as possible all the stress on the grain and on the flour. Only through the art of hammering taught by their grandfather Felice and that they have been working on large natural stones for three generations is it possible to obtain different types of flour depending on the cereal, without standardising the grinding and for this reason they have 10 natural stone mills, one different from the other.

World Class. Hope you love them.