Wholegrain Crispy Teff Flakes

Wholegrain Crispy Teff Flakes

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Currently out of stock. We have more being made in Ethiopia for us to have delivered very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience! We miss them too :)

Lovegrass Crispy Teff Flakes are made with wholegrain Habesha Teff seed grown in its native Ethiopia, golden linseed and a touch of coconut blossom nectar for a crispy, crunchy, delicious breakfast high in iron, fibre and magnesium.

We adore this cereal and frankly, it's the only one we recommend!

Teff is naturally gluten free, high in protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc and a good source of B vitamins, Teff is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C. Teff is high in prebiotic fibre (the holy grail of health in our humble opinion).