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About us

The Happy Tummy Co. helps you into a good gut health lifestyle. Based in Hackney, East London we make a very special bread which has been ridding IBS sufferers of their symptoms for years.

Currently we deliver our loaves directly to our customers around London by bike.

Very soon we shall be relaunching national delivery throughout the UK.

We shall be launching in NYC in 2017.

Having suffered with debilitating IBS since she was only a few months old, The Happy Tummy Co. Founder, Karen O'Donoghue has been focused on relieving herself and everyone around her of IBS since 2014.

Having got rid of her own IBS, Karen is now all about good gut health management and making sure to avoid IBS flare-ups due to travel or stress.

Outside of helping you into good gut health with a good morning routine of Chia Teff Loaf for breakfast, you'll also find ways of staying in good gut health through using Karen's carefully developed recipes throughout the site. These recipes developed high in nutrients, especially fibres are essential for good gut health and help relieve IBS symptoms or keep IBS away.

The Wholegrain Organic Chia Teff Loaf (gluten-free)

All of our bread is made fresh to order and is made in small batches by hand over a period of 2 days. We use a huge mixture of very special, organic, certified gluten-free ingredients to bring you a loaf which is high in prebiotic, soluble and insoluble fibre essential for good gut health.

*Our bread is made in a bakery that handles organic wheat sourdoughs.*

We deliver across London by bike fresh to your home or office.

We launch national deliveries in 2017.

What Our Customers Say

“Ok, hope this isn’t tmi but I’m doing perfect poos! They’re like model poo citizens!"
“Your magic poo bread has made me feel normal again after a week of indulging, it’s amazing!”

“I am delighted to confirm my bowels have now moved for 6 days in a row, Tues and Wed not much and still would shame a rabbit but then Thurs was a bit more and by today was almost normal so things are moving (excuse the pun) in the right direction. My tummy is not as bloated and I feel much better so thank you for developing this bread and sharing it with everyone.”

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