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The Happy Tummy Co. is on a mission... help those of you suffering with IBS to rid yourself of your IBS symptoms through the power of fermented foods and organic whole foods.

Having suffered with IBS since she was a baby, The Happy Tummy Co. Founder Karen Collins has been developing products and recipes for the past 7 years which eliminate IBS symptoms.

A thick slice of our Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaf for breakfast each morning is the most delicious and beneficial way to help you stay regular and un-bloated throughout the day.

Our Happy Tummy Granola recipe is a fantastic alternative to our Chia Teff Loaf if bread isn't your thing!

Find out how to make our gluten-free granola on our YouTube Channel-

How to make Happy Tummy Granola

If you've been a life long sufferer of IBS and have yet to successfully tackle it, then we recommend you try our Chia Teff Loaf for breakfast each morning for the next 2 weeks to see how effective it is! Thousands of people have already cleared up their IBS through eating this loaf for breakfast each morning and Karen continues to depend on it for keeping her IBS away.