Fermented Prebiotic Food To Stimulate Good Gut Health.
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The Fundamentals One Day Course

This one day baking course allows you to focus on the basics and technical side of working with and fermenting grains, nuts and seeds for better gut health. The group size is kept very small to ensure you get the attention you deserve in making this day one of the most valuable activities you will ever do for your overall health and well being.

Karen’s home in Laughton, East Sussex is beautifully positioned deep in the countryside surrounded by farm and the South Downs and is where The Happy Tummy Co. Bakery School sources its fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. Baking bread in this space with Karen is very special and she will make sure to impart all her knowledge on you throughout the day to make baking a huge pleasure in your life going forward.

Below is an example of how a Fundamentals day runs. Depending on the group we will do more or in some cases less if the group wants to spend more time on a particular recipe.

Sample Day

You will arrive at Karen's home in Laughton for 10am sharp. Or you will arrive at Lewes train station where Karen will pick you up.

10am : Guests join together to enjoy coffee, tea, happy tummy tonics and bread as Karen runs through the format of the day and talks through your gut health.

10:30am : Karen talks sourdough starters, leavens and doughs for complete digestibility!

11am : Make sourdough starters.

11:30am : Make sourdough leavens.

12:00pm : Fermented scone demo.

12:30pm : Guests make their own scone dough.

1pm : Picnic lunch making flatbreads on the fire or indoor lunch from the aga depending on the weather.

2pm : Sourdough making demo.

2:30pm : Guests start making their own sourdoughs.

3pm : Chia Teff Loaf Demo aka the magic poo bread  (all 3 phases of the process).

3:30pm : Stretch and fold the sourdoughs followed by making a massive favourite - our Sicilian Hazelnut Teff Biscuits.

4pm : Back to the next phase on our sourdoughs.

4:30pm - 5pm : Sit-down with Karen on the importance of the day. More gut health chat plus an opportunity for Q & A. Bread bakes in the oven

5pm : Glasses of natural wine are poured as we put biscuits in the oven and bag up our goodies from the day :)

5:30 - 6pm : Karen drives people to where they're staying locally or indeed Lewes train station. Dinner is organised for people staying locally.

What you go home with -

  • A recipe folder
  • Teff grain
  • Teff flour
  • Digestible sourdough starter
  • Your fermented doughs and baked breads

Price per person is £180 and the group size is never larger than 4.

Please email info@thehappytummyco.com to book. If you want to book a group of 4 this is an ideal way to make sure the day goes exactly the way you would like it to go! :)