Heritage Apple Pie

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A seasonal Irish celebration.

Come in packs of 2.

The pastry is made up of a blend of 100% wholegrain Ølands, organically grown in Monaghan by our good mate Turlough and 100% wholegrain emmer, organically grown by our friend Pat in Kildare. Both our growers stone mill their own grain. Turlough recently built his own stone mill and it's a work of art. Alongside the 70% Ølands to 30% Emmer we have organic raw milk from our good friends Sinéad and MJ at Gleann Buí farm, regeneratively farmed eggs from our mate Brian at Mad Yolk Farm, Achill Sea Salt, Irish butter and a tiny bit of panela sugar that Pax deliver us.

Inside this exquisite, digestible pastry we have stewed heritage apples grown by Tommy out in Louisburgh with custard and cinnamon.

Each pastry takes us 3 days to make and every single one is hand rolled. We adore making these and we hope you adore eating them!

Eat immediately on arrival! Or warm them up in your oven. They can be frozen.

Allergens :

Egg, Milk, Wheat.